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Nottinghamshire Schools Championships 2022 Start Sheet

Wednesday 27th April White Tees , College Pines Course

13:00George Cordall (-2.6) Worksop Golf ClubAmelia Wan (-1.9) Sherwood ForestLennon Albans (-0.4) The Nottinghamshire Golf & Country ClubJorja Newbold (-1.7) Oakmere Park Admirals Golf Club
13:08Elizabeth Wilson (0.3) Norwood Park Golf ClubGeorge Cooper (0.9) Lindrick Golf ClubEthan Wan (2.8) Sherwood ForestOwen Rafferty (1.7) Worksop Golf Club
13:16Louis Cooke (4.4) Newark Golf ClubHarry Banner (3.9) Sherwood ForestMolly Campbell (3.9) Hollinwell Golf ClubRueben Tennant (3.6) Worksop Golf Club
13:24Joseph Simpkin (4.7) Lindrick Golf ClubWilliam Bracha (8.3) Sitwell Park Golf ClubCallum Smith (8.4) Bondhay Golf ClubCharlie Cooke (5.6) Newark Golf Club
13:32Max Bicknell (13.5) Rufford ParkArchie Quilter (11.0) The Nottinghamshire Golf & Country ClubLaurie Hutson (11.3) Rufford ParkJoris Glogner
13:40Amelia Hogg (8.9) Norwood Park Golf ClubMaddison Clarke (13.2) Bondhay Golf ClubScarlett Ward (12.3) Lindrick Golf ClubScarlett Dunn (15.4) Norwood Park Golf Club
13:48Spencer Gill (10.4) Lindrick Golf ClubWilliam Adcock (17.7) The Nottinghamshire Golf & Country ClubToby Smith (17.7) Bondhay Golf ClubMaxwell John Meggitt (7.0) Abbeydale Golf Club
13:56Jack Standeven (18.9) The Nottinghamshire Golf & Country ClubMaxwell Tomlinson (20.9) Lindrick Golf ClubCharlie Middleton (16.4) The Nottinghamshire Golf & Country ClubRuben Lee (18.5) Bondhay Golf Club
14:04Molly Hemming (23.5) Radcliffe-on-TrentGeorge Gill (23.9) Lindrick Golf ClubMaya Kubba (34.6) Norwood Park Golf ClubJay-Junior Middleton (20.1) Coxmoor
14:12William MarshallNathan Philpotts (35.7) Radcliffe-on-TrentJack Hallam (28.0) Newark Golf Club 

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