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2022 ESGA North Regional Girls' Team Champions - Yorkshire National Championships 2021 - Champion team Captains (South East Region) 2022 ESGA South-East Regional Boys' Champion Team - Essex 2019 Schools' Team Champions - Dyke House Academy 2022 North Yorkshire Team Champions - MacMillan Academy Welsh & English teams before the International match at Rolls of Monmouth 2022 Gloucestershire U16 and Overall Gross Champion Cumbria Schools' Handicap Champion 2022 2022 Buckinghamshire Boys' Champion 2022 North Yorkshire U16 Champion 2021 National Champions 2022 Gloucestershire U16 and Overall Girls' Nett Champion Cumbria Schools' Boys' Champion 2022 2022 North & East Yorkshire Team Winner - Norton College 2022 Gloucestershire Nett Team Champions - Katherine Lady Berkley School 2022 Lancashire Boys' Champion 2021 Midland Regional Championships - Champions 2022 Bedfordshire Schools' Team Scratch Champions - Bedford School, with South Beds GC Ladies' Capta 2022 Buckinghamshire TeamChampions - Dr Challoner's High School 2022 Gloucestershire U16 Boys' Nett Champion Bedfordshire Schools' 2022 Girls' Champion 2022 North Yorkshire Boys' Champion Cumbria Schools Team Champions - Kirkbie Kendal School National Championships 2021 - Girls' Prizewinners 2022 North & East Yorkshire Under-16 Girls' Champion 2019 Winning Girls' International Team v Scotland 2022 South Yorkshire Girls' Champion 2022 ESGA North Regional Boys' Champion 2022 Gloucestershire U16 Girls' Gross Champion ESGA Team ready for the pre-match dinner at Monmouth Boys' School 2021 Midland Regional Championships - Team Champions from Nottinghamshire 2022 Durham Girls' U19 and U16 Champions 2022 ESGA North Regional Girls' Champion 2022 Lancashire U16 Boys' Champion 2022 West Yorkshire Girls' Champion National Championships 2021 - Boys' Prizewinners 2022 Buckinghamshire Girls' Champion 2022 Lancashire Girls' Champion Cumbria Schools under-16 Girls' Champion 2022 2022 West Yorkshire Team Champions - Notre Dame School 2022 Lancashire U16 Girls' Champion ESGA Under-16 Champions 2021 Bedfordshire Schools' 2022 Boys' Champion Emgliah captains with the International Trophy 2022 North & East Yorkshire Under-16 Boys' Champion 2022 ESGA South-East Regional Girls' Champion Team - Suffolk 2022 West Yorkshire Boys' Champion 2022 ESGA North Regional Boys' Team Champions - Northumberland English Team at Rolls of Monmouth GC before the International match August 30th 2021 Cumbria Schools' under-16 Boys' Champion 2022 2022 Buckinghamshire Boys' Handicap Champion 2022 North Yorkshire Nett Champion 2019 England Team v Scotland 2021 Essex Schools' Girls' Champion 2022 Gloucestershire Girls' Gross Champion David & Margo Horsburgh with the Gerald Micklem Trophy for 2021, presented at the England Golf AGM 2022 South Yorkshire Nett Winner & Team Champion with Captain of Hickleton GC 2022 Gloucestershire Gross Team Champions - Marling School 2022 Buckinghamshire Girls' Handicap Champion 2022 North Yorkshire U16 Boys' Champion 2019 England Team v Scotland Hertfordshire School team champions 2022 - Herts & Essex High School 2022 Warwickshire Schools' Champions Yorkshire schools' Team Champions - South Hunley school


As our attention turns from the 5 regional championships to the build-up for the ESGA National Championships at Gog Magog, it's worth giving a thought to players who have been down that path before and excelled in their amateur career.

Last year we saw Ben Schmidt (2018 runner-up), Jake Bolton (2016 champion) and Jack Dyer (2013 Under-16 Champion) represent Great Britain & Ireland in the Walker Cup against USA.

Later this week (starting on Friday), Amelia Williamson (2015, 2016 & 2017 Champion) and Charlotte Heath (2018 Champion) doing the same when they will be turning out at Merion Golf Club in Pennsylvania, trying to win back the cup which went back to the USA after last year's match at Conwy Golf club.

Good luck from ESGA to the whole team at Merion.


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